OS X: How to show additional controls in the Fonts window

Learn how to display the Text Shadow button and controls in the Fonts window. These controls include Shadow Opacity, Shadow Blur, Shadow Offset, and angle.

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The Fonts window is available in many OS X applications such as Mail, TextEdit, and Pages. For example choose Format > Fonts > Show Fonts.

The Text Shadow (Text shadow button ) button and its controls for shadow opacity, blur, offset, and angle appear when you enlarge the Fonts window.

If you don't see these controls, click and drag the lower-right corner of the Fonts window to resize it. The Text Shadow button controls should then appear. You can also click the green zoom button (+) in the upper left corner of the window to automatically resize it.

 Fonts window

Additional typographic controls are also available by clicking the Action (Action icon) menu at the bottom of the window:

Action menu

Selecting Typography from the Action menu opens the Typography window. This window allows you to control font-specific features of typefaces that include them. For example, calligraphic fonts such as Zapfino include special ligatures (character-connecting strokes) and variations of certain characters (such as the letter H). Select the text you want to modify, then select the option you are looking for from the Typography window.

 Typography windowTypography window

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  • Most applications save the size of the Fonts window separately. Resize the Fonts window in each application to see all of its controls.The Fonts window opens at the same size the next time you use it.
  • Not all features of the Typography window are available for all fonts. Features are displayed for a typeface only if the font file you have installed includes them.

See Mac OS X Help for more information about Fonts, Font Book, and the Fonts window.

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