About the ‘Automatically Add to iTunes‘ folder

Learn how iTunes uses the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder to automatically import iTunes-compatible content into your iTunes library.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The iTunes Media folder contains an "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder. 

When you put iTunes-compatible content in this folder, iTunes analyzes it for compatibility and then adds it to your iTunes library. If a file isn't compatible, iTunes places it in the Not Added folder.

Find the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder using the steps below:

  1. Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes > Preferences.
    Windows: From the iTunes menu bar, choose iTunes > Preferences. You can turn the iTunes menu bar on by pressing the Control and B keys on your keyboard. Learn more about menus in iTunes for Windows.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. The location of the iTunes Media folder is found under "iTunes Media folder location." The "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder is inside the iTunes Media folder.

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  • When iTunes is open, it immediately analyzes files you put in the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder and then adds them to your iTunes library. If you put files into this folder when iTunes is closed, iTunes analyzes and adds them to your library the next time you open iTunes.
  • Don't use the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder to store partial recordings, imports, or temporary files. This can result in incomplete or duplicate content in your library.
  • The "Automatically Add to iTunes" feature requires that the folder to be in the same location as your iTunes Media folder. Don't move this folder or use an alias or shortcut.
  • The Not Added folder organizes incompatible files in folders indicating the date and time iTunes attempts to add these files.
  • iTunes doesn't delete files from the Not Added folder. You should occasionally review the contents of this folder and delete or convert the files.
  • iTunes for Windows: When you add WMA files to the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder, iTunes converts these files to an iTunes-compatible format and adds them to the iTunes library. After the conversion is complete, iTunes puts the original WMA file in the Not Added folder. iTunes doesn't delete the WMA file after conversion.

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