About the differences between Pedometer and Nike + iPod Sport Kit

This article explains the differences between the built-in Pedometer feature of the iPod nano (5th generation) and Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

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The iPod nano (5th generation) comes with a built-in pedometer (called Pedometer) that allows you to count* your steps and calories, and to record, view, and upload your workouts via iTunes to Nikeplus.com. This is similar to what you can do with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Pedometer, however, records only step counts and calories when enabled. Using the Nike + iPod Sport Kit with your iPod nano (5th generation) will also allow you to monitor and record additional data points, such as speed, distance, and time elapsed for each workout. The Nike + iPod Sport Kit will also provide spoken feedback (over your music) on your calories, pace, distance and time elapsed. Also, you can view and upload your Nike + iPod workouts via iTunes to Nikeplus.com.

Pedometer Active Workout

To use Pedometer

  1. From the Extras menu, choose Fitness, and then choose Pedometer.
    Choose Fitness, and then choose Pedometer
  2. If you're using Pedometer for the first time, enter your weight using the Click Wheel. Then press the Center button to begin a session.
  3. At the end of the session, press the Center button to stop*.

You can also enable your iPod nano to count your steps throughout the day. To do so, choose Pedometer in the Settings menu and select Always On. A shoe icon will appear in the menu bar indicating Pedometer activity.

To use your iPod nano (5th generation) with your Nike + iPod Sport Kit

  1. Attach the Nike + iPod receiver to your iPod nano (5th generation).
    Attach the Nike + iPod receiver
  2. Select the Nike + iPod icon, which appears in the main menu when you attach the receiver.
  3. Select the Nike+iPod icon in the next menu, and then select the type of workout you would like to do.
    Select the Nike+iPod icon
  4. Place the Nike + iPod sensor into your shoe's insole and walk around to activate it.
  5. At the end of the session, press the Center button to stop.

Learn more

For more information on how to view completed workouts and to upload them onto the Nike + website, see the iPod nano (5th generation) User Guide.

For more information on Nike + iPod, read the Nike + iPod FAQ documents:

* For better accuracy of the pace count when using Pedometer, keep the iPod nano in either your front pocket, your iPod nano Armband, or any other secured location while the feature is enabled. Pedometer will begin counting paces a few seconds after being activated.

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