Turn on Calendar for Active Directory and LDAP servers

Users who have accounts in an Active Directory domain or non-Apple LDAP directory might need the Calendar service. Learn how to give them access.

The Calendar service in macOS Server uses the MD5 Digest authentication method. This method doesn't let users log in to the Calendar server with their Active Directory credentials. Here’s how to give users access.

When you enable cleartext authentication, make sure that you turn on SSL to make the environment more secure.

Use these Terminal commands to set up cleartext authentication for Active Directory users:

  1. Turn on cleartext authentication:
    sudo serveradmin settings calendar:Authentication:Basic:Enabled = yes
  2. Turn off digest authentication:
    sudo serveradmin settings calendar:Authentication:Digest:Enabled = no
  3. Restart the Calendar server:
    sudo serveradmin stop calendar
    sudo serveradmin start calendar
  4. Restart the Address Book server:   
    sudo serveradmin stop addressbook
    sudo serveradmin start addressbook

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