About headphone compatibility with iPod shuffle (3rd generation)

Learn about iPod shuffle (3rd generation) headphone compatibility.

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iPod shuffle (3rd generation) includes the Apple Earphones with Remote. The buttons on the remote (shown below) are used to control audio volume and playback of content on iPod shuffle. Learn more about using the Apple Earphones with Remote with iPod shuffle (3rd generation).

Headphones or other audio accessories made by Apple or a third-party that do not include an integrated remote aren't fully compatible with iPod shuffle (3rd generation). iPod shuffle can still be used with these accessories, but with limited functionality.

When a standard headphone or audio accessory is connected, you can initiate audio playback by simply switching iPod shuffle from the OFF position to the play in order  or shuffle  position. The iPod shuffle should be in the OFF position for at least three seconds before switching it back on. iPod shuffle will resume playback of the content that was previously being played at a fixed volume level. This volume level cannot be adjusted from the iPod itself. If iPod shuffle is connected to external speakers or a car stereo, volume adjustment may be possible from those devices.

iPod shuffle will pause audio playback when the device is switched off or when the audio accessory is disconnected.

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