Apple certifications: Getting certified (Canada, Latin America, United States)

This article describes the service certification offered by AppleCare and explains how to register to take service certification exams.

Apple offers the following service certification: Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) certification.

How to access Apple certification exams

Anyone may register for the Apple exams. You need:

  • Your Tech ID. To get one, go to the Certifications website.
  • Method of payment: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, or purchase order*

* Please see the frequently asked questions below for full explanation regarding when you may register using purchase orders.

You are required to have an Apple Tech ID number before registering for an exam. You can apply for a Tech ID by following the instructions at the Apple Certifications website. Provide this Tech ID when registering at an Apple Authorized Training Center or when registering online with Pearson VUE. The exam registration process is described in Accessing Pearson VUE Service Exams.

After you've taken an Apple certification exam, you can visit the Apple Certifications website to track and manage all of your Apple certifications.

Frequently asked questions

Can the general public take the ACMT service certification exam?
Yes, anyone may take the hardware and software exams required to become an Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT). Certification for Appl Authorized Service Provider (AASP) technicians and for public individuals is identical. Individuals seeking a job repairing Apple products gain a competitive advantage by demonstrating an ability to support and troubleshoot Apple products by taking these exams. But please note that successful completion of the exams does not imply authorization by Apple to perform repairs or to conduct business directly with Apple or on Apple's behalf. Apple certifies (verifies the skills of) technicians, but authorizes (establishes business relationships with) service providers—and these two things are not the same.

How do I prepare for the service certification exams?
Apple provides self-paced and instructor-led Service Training courses. The Service Training curriculum is delivered via the Web for free to Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and Self-Servicing Accounts (SSAs), and for a fee to the public by purchasing AppleCare Technician Training. A list of instructor-led Apple Authorized Service Training Centers for Americas and EMEIA is available online. Please note that the ACMT hardware exam contains sections on ESD precautions and technician safety that must be passed in order to pass the exam as a whole.

If I pass an Apple certification exam, how long do I stay certified?
For service technicians who attain an ACMT certification, your initial service certification does not expire. 

I'm a service technician and want to redeem my Promotion Code. How do I do this?
You redeem your Promotion Code when registering for the exam. When you are registering online, just follow the online directions; the payment section of the online registration program will ask if you have a Promotion Code.

I'm interested in becoming an Apple Authorized Service Provider. How do I sign up?
Please refer to the Apple Channel Programs website for basic information on becoming an Apple Service Provider and Apple Service Programsfor a complete list of requirements. Acceptance into Apple's service program is at Apple's sole discretion.

Because my business (school) has a large installed base of Apple product, I believe a self-service program would offer the solution I need. How do I sign up for self-servicing?
Apple's Self-Servicing program allows authorized accounts to perform service on their own products and to repair products at their site. For business or education accounts interested in becoming authorized to repair product that they own, visit Apple Self-Servicing Account Program or contact your Apple Sales representative.

What method of payment is required for the exams?
Payment for certification exams may be made by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express at time of registration.

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