iChat: How to Change Your Displayed Name or Bonjour name

This document explains how to change your name as it appears in iChat and used in Bonjour (formerly "Rendezvous") messages. Note: This is not the same as changing your iChat account name. You cannot change your account name or ID, but you can create a new one.

Your displayed name is the name you see for yourself in the top-left corner of your Buddy List window and Bonjour window. When you send a message to someone via Bonjour, this is the name that the message appears from. This name relates to your Address Book vCard.

However, this is not the name that appears to someone in a message that you send via AIM, nor to someone who already has you in their Address Book with a different name. For example, if your account name is "hiroshi1yamamoto," your name displayed in iChat and Address Book is "Hiroshi Yamamoto," but the message recipient (via AIM) already has you in his Address Book as "Hiroshi Y.", he will see messages from "Hiroshi Y." If the recipient does not have you in her Address Book, she will see the message from your account name ("hiroshi1yamamoto" in this case).

Note: If you change your displayed name, it does not change in the Buddy List of other iChat users who have added you as a buddy.

To change your displayed name or Bonjour messaging name, edit your Address Book card.

Note: Following these steps changes your Address Book card for all places that you use it, not just iChat.

    1. Quit iChat if it is open.
    2. Open Address Book.
    3. Choose Card > Show My Card.
    4. Click the Edit button.
    5. Edit your first and last name.
    6. Save changes by clicking the Edit button again or by selecting a different card.
    7. Open iChat. Your revised name appears after you log in.
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