What you can do with Bluetooth wireless technology

Learn what you can do with Bluetooth wireless technology on your Mac.

With Bluetooth you can:

  • Exchange or synchronize data between Bluetooth enabled computers and devices.
  • Use a Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard or mouse.
  • Connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth compatible printer, headset, headphones, or speakers.
  • Share your internet connection with other Bluetooth enabled devices.


  1. iPhone users should refer to the iPhone Support page for Bluetooth use directly related to the iPhone.
  2. If your computer did not come with a Bluetooth module already installed, you can connect a USB Bluetooth adaptor to your computer to use Bluetooth wireless technology. For additional information, see Some USB Bluetooth adaptors may not allow wireless keyboard or mouse to wake some Macs from sleep.

Learn more

For more information, search for Bluetooth in Mac Help or consult the following Knowledge Base articles:

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