How to browse and buy content from the iTunes Store

If you're new to the iTunes Store, you can learn how to browse and make purchases.

Searching for Content

If you know what you're looking for, you can type a search term in the Search Store field, which appears in the upper-right corner of iTunes. Press Enter or Return to search.

You will see the results for your search. You can filter your search results by TV Shows, Albums, Songs, iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Movies, Books, Audiobooks, Music Videos, Podcasts, and iTunes U content.

You can listen to 90-second previews of songs and watch 30-second previews of videos on the iTunes Store. To preview a song or TV Show episode, hover over it and click the play button that appears to the left of the song's title. You can purchase items from the search results by clicking the Buy button next to any item, or you can add the item to your Wish List. You'll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password to confirm any purchase.

Note: Not all types of content are available in all countries. See the list of what types of items can be purchased in which countries.

Browsing for Content

On the main page of the iTunes Store, you can see all of the following and more:

  • Featured releases
  • Newest and most popular releases
  • Items that are currently free

If you like a certain genre of music, such as Rock, you can quickly browse the Rock genre page by clicking the drop-down triangle next to Music in the navigation bar and choosing Rock.

When you click a link that takes you to an item's page, you'll see release information (such as release date, copyright information, and artwork), the item's price, the price to download the entire playlist, ratings and reviews, related items, and much more.

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