Where to find your AppleCare registration number

You’ll need the registration number to register the AppleCare plan for your new Apple device.

We'll automatically register your AppleCare plan when you buy it at the same time as your new device. However, if you buy a box version of an AppleCare plan, you'll need to register it online.

You can see all of your registered AppleCare plans with the AppleCare Agreement tool.

Find your registration number

Look inside the original retail box or envelope of your AppleCare plan for a card or booklet with “Getting Started” or “Web Registration Instructions” on top. This card or booklet will show the registration number. 

Getting Started

Web Registration Instructions

If you don't have the retail box or can't find the card or booklet inside, contact us. Have your sales receipt and the serial number of the device your AppleCare covers close by.

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