How to find the Agreement Registration Number for your AppleCare Protection Plan

When you buy an AppleCare Protection Plan, you need the Agreement Registration Number in order to register it.

Registering your AppleCare Protection Plan helps Apple Support quickly access your records to see what's covered. If you buy your Apple device and AppleCare Protection Plan at the same time, we automatically register your AppleCare Protection Plan for you. If you bought your AppleCare Protection Plan individually in a store, you need to register it online. Follow the steps below to get started.

If your AppleCare Protection Plan is already registered, you can find it online under your AppleCare agreements.

Find the Agreement Registration Number

If you bought your AppleCare Protection Plan in a store, look inside the original retail box for a card or booklet that says "Web Registration Instructions." The card or booklet includes the Agreement Registration Number.

If you don't have the retail box or can't find the card or booklet inside, contact Apple Support. Make sure that you have your sales receipt and the serial number of your Apple device. Learn how to find the serial number of your Apple device.

Register your AppleCare Protection Plan

When you have your Agreement Registration Number, you can register your AppleCare Protection Plan online.

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