How to eject an iPod

In some cases, you need to eject your iPod from your computer before you unplug the USB cable.

When you can disconnect before you eject

You can safely disconnect your iPod and unplug the USB cable if the iPod displays any of the messages or screens below:

  • "Charging"
  • "OK to disconnect"
  • The iPod main menu with selections like Music, Settings, and Extras.

You can also safely disconnect your iPod shuffle when it displays a solid amber or solid green LED.

When you need to eject before you unplug

You must eject your iPod before you disconnect if it displays any of the screens below:

  • "Do not disconnect"
  • "Connected, Eject Before Disconnecting"
  • "Sync in Progress, Please Wait ..."

You must eject your iPod shuffle first before disconnecting when it displays a blinking amber LED.

If the "Enable disk use" or "Manually manage music and videos" options are turned-on for iPod in iTunes, you will need to manually eject your iPod each time before you disconnect the cable.

Eject your iPod

  1. Locate your iPod.
  2. From the sidebar on the left-hand side of the iTunes window, click the eject   icon.

After you select your iPod, you can also eject it using the Command and E keys on your keyboard.

If your iPod doesn't eject

If the iPod display continues to indicate that it shouldn't be disconnected, use the method below to eject your iPod:


  1. Open Finder.
  2. From the left sidebar, under Devices, click the iPod icon.
  3. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose File > Eject "[Your iPod's name]".


  1. Windows XP and Windows 2000: Double-click My Computer.
    Windows Vista: From the Start menu, click Computer.
  2. Right-click the iPod icon.
  3. From the shortcut menu, choose Eject.

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