About download times for the iTunes Store purchases and rentals

Learn what affects download time, and the approximate download times for various purchases or rentals.

You might notice your iTunes Store purchases download at different rates. The speed of your download depends on the file’s size and your Internet connection speed. We recommend using a broadband connection to make your music purchases. Video purchases or rentals require a broadband connection.

Here are some examples of download times for various media types. Your download times might vary. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can help you determine your specific download speed, or use CNET's Bandwidth Meter.

Length and type of media Approximate size Download speed

24 Mbit/s

15 Mbit/s

10 Mbit/s

8 Mbit/s

2 Mbit/s

4-minute song

4 MB

1 second

2 seconds

3 seconds

4 seconds

16 seconds

5-minute video

30 MB

10 seconds

16 seconds

25 seconds




100 mb

34 seconds

55 seconds

1-2 minutes

1-2 minutes

7 minutes

9-hour audiobook

110 MB

38 seconds

1 minute

1-2 minutes

2 minutes

7-8 minutes

45-minute TV show

200 MB

1 minute

2 minutes

3 minutes

3-4 minutes

14 minutes

45-minute HDTV show3

600 MB

3-4 minutes

5-6 minutes

8-9 minutes

10-15 minutes

42 minutes

2-hour movie2,3

1.0-1.5 GB

7-8 minutes

12 minutes

18 minutes

22-23 minutes

90 minutes

2-hour HD movie2,3

3.0-4.5 GB

18-27 minutes

29-43 minutes

42-60 minutes

53-70 minutes3

322 minutes

1. Broadband speeds can range from 256 kbit/s and up. Download speeds vary depending on your Internet connection.
2. Broadband is required for movie and HD downloads.
3. A sustained 8-Mbit/s or faster Internet connection is recommended for viewing 1080p high-definition movies and TV shows, 6-Mbit/s or faster for viewing 720p content, and 2.5-Mbit/s or faster for standard-definition content.

Some content types aren't available in some iTunes Store countries and regions.

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