MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (Early 2008): Useful keyboard and trackpad tips and shortcuts

Learn useful keyboard and trackpad tips and shortcuts for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (Early 2008).

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Use the trackpad to move the pointer and to scroll, tap, double-tap, and drag. How far the pointer moves onscreen is affected by how quickly you move your finger across the trackpad. To move the pointer a short distance, move your finger slowly across the trackpad; the faster you move your finger, the farther the pointer moves.

To fine-tune the tracking speed and set other trackpad options, choose Apple > System Preferences, click Keyboard & Mouse, and then click Trackpad.

For demonstration videos of these gestures, go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse.

Forward deleting deletes characters to the right of the insertion point. Pressing the Delete key deletes characters to the left of the insertion point.

To forward delete, hold down the Function (fn) key while you press the Delete key.

Secondary clicking or right-clicking lets you access shortcut menu commands.

To secondary click, place two fingers on the trackpad while clicking the trackpad button. If Tap to Click is enabled, just tap two fingers on the trackpad.

You can also secondary click by holding down the Control key while you click.

Two-finger scrolling lets you drag to scroll quickly up, down, or sideways in the active window. This option is on by default.

The following trackpad gestures work in certain applications, such as Preview or iPhoto. For more information, choose Help > Mac Help and search for "trackpad."

Two-finger pinching lets you zoom in or out on PDFs, images, photos, and more.

Two-finger rotating lets you rotate photos, pages, and more.

Three-finger swiping lets you rapidly page through documents or pages, move to the previous or next photo, and more. Use swipe in Safari to move forwards and backwards.

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