Use QLogic switches with Apple Fibre Channel Cards

Learn how to use QLogic switches with Apple Fibre Channel Cards in an Xsan or Network Area Storage deployment.

When you use QLogic fibre switches in a Storage Area Network, you might need to change the port settings. This helps devices on the fabric communicate. The settings depend on whether the port connects to an Apple Fibre Channel Card or to a storage device.

Set up each QLogic switch

  1. Use a QLogic administration tool to connect to the switch. You can use Enterprise Fabric Suite or SANsurfer Switch Manager Application. Or, you can use SANsurfer Switch Manager with a Java-enabled browser. To access the SANsurfer Switch Manager, connect to the switch's IP address with a Java-enabled browser over port 80.
  2. Enter the IP address assigned to the switch’s Ethernet port, and type the authentication information.
  3. Double-click the switch, and Shift-select each port connected to an Initiator. From the Switch menu, choose Port Properties.
  4. For setting 1: Port State, select "online."
  5. For setting 2: Port Speed, select "auto-detect."
  6. For setting 3: Port Type, select "GL."
  7. For setting 4: I/O Streamguard, select "Enable."
  8. For setting 5: Device Scan, select "Disable."
  9. Shift-select each port connected to a target. From the Switch menu, choose Port Properties, and apply the same settings as above.
  10. Repeat steps 3 through 9 for each QLogic switch.

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