Image resolution guidelines for your Aperture and iPhoto book, card, or calendar order

This document lists the minimum resolution for photos in your books, cards, or calendars that you order through Aperture or iPhoto for Mac or iOS.

To view a photo's resolution:

  1. Select a photo in your library.
  2. Click the Info button in the bottom-right corner of the iPhoto window.
  3. Photo information, including the photo's resolution, will appear in the upper-right corner of the iPhoto window. 

Minimum resolution and dpi

The minimum recommended image resolution for photos in photo books you order from Apple is 180 dpi (dots per inch or pixels per inch). To determine a photo's dpi, divide the pixels (width or height) by the inches (width or height). For example, a 13 x 10 in photo with a resolution of 2375 x 1836 is 183 dpi. iPhoto will allow you to purchase books that include smaller photos, but including these photos in your printed book might cause them to look blurry or pixelated. For best results, use photos that are 300 dpi or larger.

Recommended photo resolution by product


Photo Size (in)

Photo Size (cm)

Minimum recommended resolution (180 dpi)

Best Quality (300 dpi)

Extra-Large Book

13 x 10

33 x 25.4

2375 x 1836

3938 x 3044

Large Book

11 x 8½

28 x 21.5

2010 x 1558

3338 x 2587

Medium Book

8 x 6

20 x 15

1440 x 1080

2438 x 1838

Small Book

3½ x 2 ⅝  

8.9 x 6.7

660 x 495

1088 x 825

Large Square Book

10 x 10

25 x 25

1836 x 1836

3044 x 3044

Medium Square Book

8 x 8

20 x 20

1440 x 1440

2438 x 2438


13 x 10

33 x 25.4

2375 x 1836

3938 x 3044

Folded Card

5 x 7

13 x 18

1300 x 928

2138 x 1538

Flat Card

4 x 6

10 x 15

1105 x 736

1838 x 1238

Table notes

  • The dimensions listed in the table are for full-page, full-bleed photos (photos that extend to the edge of the page). You can use proportionally smaller images for multi-picture spreads.
  • The dimensions in the table do not match the "dimension x DPI" formula exactly since the frames are sized to the edge of the bleed area (1/16" on all sides).
  • If you zoom in to a portion of your photo in your book, the resolution listed would be for the portion of the photo shown in the book.


Learn more

For more information, see this article about ordering photo products and minimum picture resolution for iPhoto and Aperture.

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