GarageBand ‘08 or later: How to create custom ringtones for your third-party mobile phone

With GarageBand '08 or later you can create a ringtone for your third-party mobile phone using an original song, an audio recording, Apple Loops, or iLife jingles.

Note: For information on how to create ringtones for your iPhone see this article.

To create a custom ringtone:

  1. Create or open an existing GarageBand song.
  2. Use the cycle mode to choose which portion of your GarageBand song you'd like to use for your ringtone.
    Note: Ringtones are usually 30-40 seconds in length. Consult your mobile phone's documentation for guidelines on how long ringtones should be.
    selection area
  3. Choose GarageBand > Preferences... and click Advanced. Select the checkbox labeled Auto Normalize: and set Audio Resolution: to "Better."
    preferences window
  4. Choose Share > Export Song to Disk... to open the Export window.
    export window
  5. Confirm the Compress checkbox is selected.
  6. Set Compress Using: to either MP3 Encoder or AAC Encoder. Consult your mobile phone's documentation for guidelines on its preferred audio format.
  7. Set Audio Settings to "Custom" to open the Encoder settings window.
    encoder window
  8. Set Bit Rate: to the bit rate recommended in your mobile phone's documentation.
  9. Set Channels: to Stereo or Mono, as recommended by your mobile phone's documentation.
  10. In the Export window, click the Export button.
  11. In the Export to Disk window, choose a name and location to save your ringtone.
  12. Follow the instructions provided in your mobile phone's documentation to copy your ringtone to the phone.
    Note: This may require a Bluetooth or USB connection between your Mac and the phone. It also may require software provided by the manufacturer of the phone or a third-party.

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