If you forgot your Apple ID password

If you're having issues signing in with your Apple ID password, use these steps to reset it and regain access to your Apple ID account.

Your Apple ID is the account you use for everything you do with Apple, like shopping the iTunes Store, signing in to iCloud, buying an app, and more. To reset your password, you'll need to know the email address for your Apple ID. If you're not sure what your Apple ID is, there are a few ways you can find it.

Reset your password

  1. Go to My Apple ID and select Reset your password.
  2. Enter your Apple ID, then click Next. If you don't remember your Apple ID email address, choose Forgot your Apple ID.

  3. After you enter your Apple ID, there are three ways you can change your password:

Answer your security questions

Use these steps if you know the answers to your security questions:

  1. Select “Answer security questions,” then click Next.
  2. Select your birth date, then click Next.
  3. Answer your security questions.
  4. Set a new password and select Reset Password.

Use email authentication

  1. Select Email authentication, then click Next. Apple will send the email to your primary or rescue email address that you can use to reset your password.
    Apple ID
  2. Open the email and select the link to change your password.
  3. When the My Apple ID page opens, set a new password and select Reset Password.

Use these steps if you didn't get the email or can't find it.

Use two-step verification

If you set up two-step verification, you can use it to change your password. You just need a recovery key and a trusted device. Follow these steps: 

  1. Enter your Recovery Key.
    Apple ID
  2. Choose a trusted device. We'll send your device a verification code.
  3. Enter the verification code.
  4. Set a new password and select Reset Password.

If you permanently lost your recovery key or access to your trusted device, you can't change your password.

After you reset your password

After you reset your password, we'll ask you to sign in with your new password everywhere that you use your Apple ID. If you don't update your password in all apps and services, you'll continue to receive a pop up message asking you to sign in. 

Learn more about how to update your password in Apple services and on your devices.

Get more help

If you're still having issues logging in with your Apple ID and password, make sure that you're entering the correct Apple ID. In most cases, your Apple ID is also the primary email address of your Apple ID account. If these steps didn't help you change your password, contact Apple Support.


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