Use iMovie (2014) with iCloud Drive

Learn which files can be used with iMovie and iCloud Drive.

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iCloud Drive makes it easy to access files from all of your devices. Learn more about iCloud Drive.

You can use iCloud Drive to store different types of files that you can use with iMovie, including:

To export files to or import files from iCloud, you need an iCloud account and turn on iCloud Drive.

iMovie for Mac libraries are not supported on iCloud Drive. If you want to move iMovie libraries between Mac computers, the best way to do so is by using an external drive. Learn how to move your iMovie library to a new location.

Save iMovie for iOS files to iCloud Drive

If you have an iCloud account set up, you can save a movie or project file to iCloud Drive so that it can be stored in iCloud and accessed from another device.

Import video files stored on iCloud Drive

If you store video files on iCloud Drive that you’d like to import into iMovie on your Mac, follow the steps below.

  1. In Finder, select Go > iCloud Drive.
  2. Navigate to the folder where your video files are stored.
  3. In iMovie, navigate to the event into which you'd like to import the video files.
  4. Return to Finder, select the video files, and then drag them into the event in iMovie.

Export iMovie video files to iCloud Drive

If you want to store video files or projects you're working on in iMovie on your iCloud Drive, you need to export them:

  1. In iMovie, select the files or project you want to export from iMovie Library in the Libraries sidebar.
  2. Choose File > Share > File.
  3. From the File pop-up menu, check your project's settings, then click Next.
  4. Rename your project if you want to. Then, from the pop-up menu next to Where, choose iCloud Drive.
  5. Click Save.

On an iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. Create a new project or open an existing project for editing.
  2. In the open project, tap Video on the right above the timeline, then tap iCloud Drive.
  3. Tap the name of the video clip you want to import.

Learn how to import a project from iCloud Drive to iMovie for iOS on your iPhone or iPod touch.

On an iPad

  1. From the Projects browser or Theater: Tap a movie or trailer. 
    Or, if you’re editing a project: Tap the back icon to return to the project details screen. 
  2. Tap the Share icon  , then tap iCloud Drive. 
  3. To save a video file that you can play on all your devices: Tap Video File.
    To save a project file that you can open and edit in iMovie on another iOS device: Tap iMovie Project. 
  4. Choose the iCloud Drive folder where you want to save the file, then tap Done.

Learn how to import a project from iCloud Drive to iMovie for iOS on your iPad.

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