Migrating from iPhoto for iOS to Photos on iOS 8

iPhoto for iOS is not supported on devices with iOS 8 or later. This article will explain how to migrate your iPhoto data to Photos.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

How to migrate

To migrate your iPhoto for iOS data to Photos, tap the iPhoto app. When you do so a "Migrate data from iPhoto to Photos" dialogue appears.

Tap Migrate to start the migration process. If you choose Cancel, the dialog is dismissed, but will again appear the next time you tap the iPhoto icon. When you start the migration process, Photos opens and a progress bar appears.

Important: Do not delete iPhoto from your device until after you've successfully migrated your data or it won't be possible to migrate your data. 


What you will see in Photos

The following data will migrate from iPhoto to Photos.

  • Any photos in your iPhoto library that aren't already in Photos are added. 
  • Image adjustments you made in iPhoto are migrated to Photos.
  • If you applied image adjustments to photos synced to your iOS device from iTunes, a duplicate of each photo will be created in Photos with adjustments applied. 
  • Photos hidden in iPhoto do not appear in the Years, Moments, or Collections views in Photos, but are placed in an album titled Hidden.
  • Photo Books, Web Journals, and Slideshows are converted into regular albums in Photos. Text and layouts are not preserved. 
  • Only projects created on the device performing the migration will be converted. Projects you synced from other devices to iPhoto via iCloud must be converted from the devices on which they were created.
  • Photos marked as Favorites in iPhoto are marked as Favorites in Photos. 
  • Tags and captions from iPhoto are not displayed in Photos, but you can use them as search terms and they will show up respectively as Keywords and Titles in Photos search results.
  • Flags from iPhoto are converted to the keyword Flagged.


Working with photos you edited in iPhoto

Photos you edited in iPhoto migrate to Photos with all adjustments intact. However, you can't further modify these adjustments. You can apply additional adjustments to the edited image or you can use the Revert to Original command to remove the iPhoto adjustments completely.

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