Apple Configurator: Enrolling devices in Profile Manager

Learn how to import Enrollment Profiles created in Profile Manager into Apple Configurator, then install the profiles onto devices.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

You can create and download an Enrollment Profile in the Profile Manager web interface to import into Apple Configurator. Note: Enrollment Profiles created in Lion Server will appear in Apple Configurator with the name "Auto-Join Devices Enrollment".

Devices must be connected to a Wi-Fi network when you install the Enrollment Profile. You can either start by restoring a backup made from a device on the Wi-Fi network, or install a configuration profile containing a Wi-Fi payload to configure network access.

If you are using an SSL or code signing certificate that is self-signed, or is signed by an authority not in Apple's default trust chain, you will also need to install the Profile Manager server's Trust Profile on the devices to be enrolled. The Trust Profile can be downloaded from the menu in the top toolbar of Profile Manager's web admin interface or the My Devices user portal.

When you prepare a device with multiple configuration profiles selected, Apple Configurator will automatically install the Enrollment Profile last, after restoring from backup and installing all other profiles, so you can combine all of these tasks and Apple Configurator will perform them in the correct order.


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