Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac or Windows PC

Learn how to import media you've captured or saved on your iOS device to your computer.

Import media to a Mac

Use iPhoto, Image Capture, or Aperture to import media from your iOS device. After you import, you can edit your photos and video, create movies using your video clips, put together photo books and more.

iPhoto and Image Capture

Learn how to import photos using iPhoto.

Learn how to transfer images using Image Capture.


Learn how to import photos directly into Aperture.

Import media to a Windows PC

Before importing your media:

Windows 8: Learn how to import photos and videos from a camera, phone, or DVD (Windows Help)
Windows 7 and Windows Vista: Learn how to get pictures from your camera to your computer (Windows Help)

If your computer doesn't recognize an attached iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a camera, and prevents you from importing photos to your computer, learn how to resolve the issue.

Learn more

  • iPhoto, Image Capture, and Aperture are not the only applications through which you can import photos to your computer.
  • Learn more about using a camera with your Mac.
  • Learn more about using Photo Stream to import your photos to your computer.
  • After you import your photos from your iOS device or Saved Photos, you can use iTunes to sync them back to your device.
  • You can import only photo and video content taken with the built-in camera or captured on the device. You can't import photo or video content synced from iTunes.
  • When importing photos and videos from your device to a Windows computer, some photos and videos may appear to be rotated incorrectly. Some third-party photo-management software for Windows displays iOS photos with the correct orientation without having to rotate the images. To play videos on your computer at the correct orientation, use iTunes for Windows.
  • Windows XP might not be able to import videos larger than 500MB without iTunes installed, a third-party program, or updated drivers.

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