iPhoto ‘08, iPhoto ‘09, Aperture: What to do if a low resolution warning appears on photo product orders

This article explains what to do if a low resolution warning appears on photo product orders in iPhoto '08, iPhoto '09, or Aperture.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

When you design a book or order prints, a yellow "exclamation point" warning symbol indicates any low-resolution photos or images in a book. This warning also lets you know if edits you have applied to these images have reduced the pixel density to a point that they may not print well.

The warning looks like this:

A digital photo is made up of millions of individual dots of color, called pixels. A photo's "resolution" is the number of dots per inch (dpi) that it contains. Some photos may look jagged or blurry when printed if their resolution is too low. This happens most often due to cropping. If you crop too much, there may not be enough remaining pixels to get a good printed result.

To improve a photo's print quality

  • Choose a smaller print size. In a book layout, you can do this by increasing the number of photos per page.
  • If you previously cropped the photo, revert to its original version and crop off a smaller portion, or leave it uncropped.
  • If you positioned a photo within its book frame by zooming in on it, zoom out of the photo.


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