Self-help resources for QuickTime 7 and QuickTime 7 Pro

There are several self-help resources available to provide assistance with QuickTime Player and the features of QuickTime Pro.

QuickTime Player Help

The built-in Help menu in QuickTime Player gives you direct access to a searchable Help system that may be useful in assisting you with searching for information, such as QuickTime Pro Basics, how to Edit and Author with QuickTime Pro, or how to export files with QuickTime Pro.

In QuickTime Player choose Help > QuickTime Player Help.

QuickTime Support Page

The QuickTime Support Page includes the following resources:

  • QuickTime Knowledge Base articles that include how-to and troubleshooting information.
  • A link to the QuickTime Discussions where customers can seek help from other QuickTime users.
  • Links to download software updates for QuickTime.

Visit the QuickTime Support page

Apple QuickTime Discussions

The QuickTime Discussions are filled with other QuickTime users. Ask a question, answer a question, or simply read what other QuickTime users have to say.

Visit the Apple QuickTime Discussions

QuickTime 7 User Guide

The QuickTime 7 User Guide includes instructions for using QuickTime Pro.

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