OS X Server (Mavericks): Software Update Server may not provide OS X Mavericks software updates after upgrade

After upgrading a Software Update Server from OS X Server (Mountain Lion) to OS X Server (Mavericks), it might not be possible to serve software updates for OS X Mavericks clients.
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Update to OS X Server (Mavericks) v3.0.2 or later.

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If you upgraded from OS X Server (Mountain Lion) and already opened OS X Server (Mavericks) v3.0 or 3.0.1:

  1. Open Server app.
  2. Stop the Software Update service.
  3. Quit Server app.
  4. Perform the following Terminal commands, which will move aside existing configuration files:

    cd /Library/Server/Software\ Update/Config/
    sudo mv swupd.conf swupd.conf.orig
    sudo mv swupd.plist swupd.plist.orig

  5. Restart the server.
  6. Open Server app and select the Software Update service.
  7. Reconfigure the settings under the Settings and Updates tabs as desired.
  8. Start the Software Update service.
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