OS X Server: Creating drop box folders for use with WebDAV file sharing

Learn about creating drop box folders for use with WebDAV file sharing.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Guidelines for creating a drop box folder for WebDAV with OS X Server (Mountain Lion)

  • Drop boxes can be created within a share point (share points themselves cannot be drop boxes), or within a home folder (such as ~/Public/Drop Box).
  • The drop box folder must be named one of the following:
    • Drop box
    • DropBox
    • dropbox
    • Or, any name ending in .dropbox
  • Case matters, so "Dropbox" (for example) will not be recognized as a drop box folder by iOS devices, regardless of its permissions.
  • Drop box permissions should be created with mode 733 (Owner rwx, Group wx, Other wx).

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In OS X Server (Mountain Lion), owners of drop box folders are unable to see the contents when connecting via WebDAV clients. The workaround is for owners to access their drop boxes via an alternate file sharing mechanism or via the native file system on the Mac.

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