Lion Server: Manually restarting Push notifications after a certificate change

Learn about manually restarting Push notifications after a certificate change.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

If you are using Push notifications and:

  • Previously configured Mac OS X Server v10.6's iChat service to use SSL, then upgraded to Lion Server
  • You have changed certificates (due to expiration, for example) in Lion Server

... then you may need to manually change the certificate settings for Push Notification.

To change the certificate used by the Push notifications service

  1. Stop all services that use Push notification (such as Mail, if push is enabled, iCal server, Address Book server, and so forth.)
  2. Ensure that the notification server is stopped by issuing:
    sudo serveradmin stop notification
  3. Execute this command:
    sudo serveradmin settings notification:sslKeyFile="(path)"
    ...where (path) is the full path to the desired SSL certificate (which is likely to be /etc/certificates/hostname.GUID.concat.pem).
  4. If applicable, execute:
    sudo serveradmin settings notification:sslCAFile="(path)"
    ...where (path) is the full path to an SSL chain file / Intermediate CA file that would be supplied by your SSL certificate vendor (likely to be /etc/certificates/hostname.GUID.chain.pem).
  5. Start up a service that uses Push notification to confirm that the service is now using notifications successfully.
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