Aperture 3: Support resources

Learn about the options you have to get support and find answers to your Aperture 3 questions.

Aperture 3 User Manual

Search the user manual directly in Aperture 3 or online. Here's how:

Aperture 3 Troubleshooting Basics

If Aperture 3 isn't performing like you expect, try these basic troubleshooting steps that should help isolate and resolve the issue. Note that these steps are not for any specific issue and don't cover everything.

Aperture 3 Support Page

The Aperture support page has how-to and troubleshooting information for Aperture 3 users. Visit the Aperture Support page.

Aperture Support Community

The Aperture support community is a place you can communicate with other Aperture 3 users. Share tips and solutions or find answers with other Aperture users from around the world. Visit the Aperture 3 support community.

Mac App Store Support Page

You might need information about your purchased apps such as Aperture 3. The Mac App Store support page can help you with finding your purchased apps, resuming interrupted downloads, backing up your app purchases, troubleshooting the Mac App Store, and other issues. Visit the Mac App Store support page.

Print Products

See the Print Products support page for any information or help you may need with prints you order from Apple.

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