Remote Desktop 3: How to install Remote Desktop Administrator software after the client software has been updated

If you have a later version of the Remote Desktop client software than what was installed from your installation disc, you may see an alert when opening Remote Desktop Admin.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

You may see one of the following alerts when opening Remote Desktop Admin:

"The Remote Desktop Administrator software does not match the installed Client software version.
The Remote Desktop Administrator software must be upgraded on this computer."


"The Remote Desktop Administrator software failed to start due to an unexpected error.
The Remote Desktop software may not be installed correctly or the computer may require a restart."

To resolve the issue, use Software Update to install the latest version of the Remote Desktop Admin software. Once both your admin and client software versions are up-to-date, you can continue with Remote Desktop Setup.

Important: Before installing any Remote Desktop Admin update, be sure that the Remote Desktop application is in your Applications folder. Do not move the Remote Desktop application to another folder.

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