Aperture 3: May be unresponsive or have slower performance with third-party video codec

Aperture may randomly stop responding for extended periods and you may see a spinning wait cursor.

This may be caused by the third-party 3ivx QuickTime plug-in. This plug-in may have been installed automatically since it is included with some Flip video cameras.

To remove the 3ivx plug-in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Finder
  2. From the Go menu choose Go to Folder.
  3. Type "/Library/QuickTime" and then click the Go button.
  4. Locate the "3ivxVideoCodec.component" file and drag it to your desktop. You may have to authenticate with your user account password before moving the file. Be sure you removed the file and did not just copy it from the QuickTime folder.

Following the steps in this article may prevent Flip video clips from playing correctly in iMovie. The 3ivx codec used by some versions of the Flip video software has been replaced with a Cisco MP4 codec. For more information regarding your specific Flip camera, consult the Flip support site.

You may also have the 3ivx plug-in as part of the Perian component. Instructions for removing Perian can be found in this article.

Removing the 3ivx Quicktime component may affect compatibility with 3ivx encoded video clips in applications such as iMovie. To learn more visit About iMovie 9.0.8 and 3ivx software.

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