About the WebObjects 5.4.2 Update

This article contains an overview and download information for the WebObjects 5.4.2 Update. WebObjects 5.4.2 is primarily for developers who want to develop WebObjects applications with Mac OS X 10.5. WebObjects 5.4.2 is formally qualified and supported on the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard-Java 5 platform. 

Note: WebObjects 5.4.2 is tested to work with the default Xcode installation location and is not guaranteed to work with other installation locations.  The upgrade installer updates the default location for WebObjects frameworks.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This update:

  • Addresses WOComponent parser issues
  • Includes WebServices data types and API changes
  • Includes EOF SQL Generation fixes
  • Resolves additional issues


Installing WebObjects 5.4.2 Developer System

The WebObjects 5.4.2 Developer is available as part of the Xcode 3.1 release.  Xcode 3.1 is available through ADC download.  It requires that Mac OS X 10.5.3 Leopard or later be installed.

System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5.3 or later
  • Java 5
  • XCode 3.1

Install the software in the following order

  1. Use Software Update to update to Mac OS X 10.5.3 or later and the latest Java 5
  2. Run the Xcode 3.1 installer
  3. Select the WebObjects install packages

Installing WebObjects 5.4.2 update for Mac OS X Server version 10.5

This update is available through the Software Update feature of Mac OS X Server.  It is part of the Mac OS X Server 10.5.4 Update and is not an individual download.

System requirements

  • Mac OS X Server version 10.5 or later
  • Java 5

If you are updating a WebObjects 5.4 system or creating a new install on Mac OS X 10.5 Server

  1. Install Mac OS X Server version 10.5
  2. Run Software Update to update to Mac OS X Server version 10.5.4 or later


Resolved Issues:

5353259 NullPointerException handling from EODatabaseContext
5668174 Locking issue with newly created EOSharedEditingContext in EOEditingContext
5759670 EODistributedClassDescription's validateValueForKey(...) throws exception
5788853 NPE in EOEntity.hasSimplePrimaryKey(..) 5793986 SQL-Generator issue with mySQL
5826937 Equals vs == issue in EODatabaseChannel
5831888 Models without a connection dictionary
5860573 WebObjects/EOF valueForKey can return invalid null value (vertical inheritance)
5911018 WebObjects 5.4 MySQL issue with quoted table, col names

5692304 Apache 2.2 adaptor does not set "server_port" header

5572055 WebObjects deployment issue with localised components
5612345 Strict HTML parsing prevents in line JavaScript 5646644 HTML rewritten incorrectly
5655740 WOHyplink href binding not working with inline bindings
5657595 WOHyperlink generates WOSID's on absolute URLs
5667961 Valid xhtml header and the new WOComponent parser (inline parser)
5667973 WebObjects 5.4 deletes Doctype header
5691875 EODistributedClassDescription's classForAttributeKey(String key) method incorrectly returns null
5696685 There is no webassistant any more for D2W apps
5700805 HTML element id not settable on WOImageButton
5711936 multipart/form-data WOForm is broken in 5.4 when deploying as a WAR
5735487 incorrect evaluation of <wo:Hyperlink ... under a conditional
5737404 WOWSDDRegistrar broken
5748651 WOGenericElement Associations Unable to Parse Binding Names with Hyphen
5749014 WOImage inline binding: src-attribute not recognized
5762452 Memory Leak in WOResourceManager / Plist Parser
5781695 Issue with Application Entry on DA Request Handler
5781967 Webobjects 5.4.1 Webservices and arrays deserializer java
5825189 multiple calls to EOClientApplicationSupport.main(String[]) don't work well
5831852 Allow per-framework overrides for the WOComponent template parser

5640795 The behavior of NSKeyValueCoding.DefaultImplementation has changed
5700976 incompatibility in XML plists between WebObjects and Cocoa
5703959 WebObjects: reverse iteration on NSMutableArray
5737476 JavaXML framework broken
5807725 NSMutableArray.sublist broken in WebObjects 5.4.1
5876086 REGRESSION: NSData(URL) constructor always throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

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