.Mac to MobileMe transition FAQ

This article helps .Mac members better understand what to expect from the MobileMe upgrade.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

What is MobileMe?
MobileMe is Apple’s new Internet service for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and PC that takes the best of .Mac and adds many new features. With MobileMe you will continue to get services that take advantage of Mac integration such as iDisk, and photo sharing from iPhoto ’08 or later. You also get a suite of new web applications at me.com; email, contacts, and calendar; and 20 GB of online storage.

What happened to www.mac.com?
MobileMe has a new home at www.me.com where you will find a suite of web applications. We recommend that you update your bookmarks to www.me.com.

Does MobileMe work with my Mac the way .Mac did?
Yes. With MobileMe, you continue to enjoy features that take advantage of seamless integration with Mac OS X and iLife, such as:

  • Back to My Mac
  • Access to your iDisk in the Finder
  • iWeb site hosting
  • Mac-to-Mac syncing of contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and more
  • Photo sharing directly from iPhoto ’08 and Aperture 2 or later
  • Movie sharing directly from iMovie '08 or later

I see .Mac preferences in System Preferences.  How do I change that to MobileMe preferences?

  • If you have Mac OS X v10.5.x Leopard: Upgrade to Mac OS X v10.5.8. 
  • If you have Mac OS X v10.4.x Tiger: This is normal for this version of the operating system. You can continue to use .Mac preferences.

Did my online storage increase with the upgrade?
Yes. With MobileMe, most users receive twice as much storage as with .Mac:

  • Individual subscription storage doubles from 10 GB to 20 GB.
  • Family Packs now get 40 GB of storage: 20 GB for the main account and 5 GB for each of the four sub-accounts.

If you purchased a storage upgrade, it will also be upgraded at no additional charge:

  • A 10 GB storage upgrade is now 20 GB. Your new total storage will be 40 GB.
  • A 20 GB storage upgrade is now 40 GB. Your new total storage will be 60 GB.

I have an iPhone or iPod Touch with contacts, calendars, and bookmarks already on it. How do I activate MobileMe?
It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. Just be sure to follow these instructions to avoid overwriting any of the data on your phone during your initial set up.

Can I send and receive email from both @mac.com and @me.com?

If you had a working @mac.com email address as of July 9, 2008 you can continue to use that address as you always have, as well as your new address @me.com. And emails sent to either address will appear in your inbox on the web as well as your devices. For instructions on how to use both email addresses, including how to set up your Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPod touch, read Setting up MobileMe email on your Mac.

What happens to my iWeb sites? Have the URLs changed?
Your iWeb websites are still available at the same URLs and has also been given a new URL at (www.me.com). For example, (web.mac.com/emily_parker/) will work as will (web.me.com/emily_parker) -- both go to the same website. If you have a personal domain set up for your iWeb site, it should continue to work without changing any settings at your registrar.

What about my Web Gallery?
Web Gallery is now MobileMe Gallery.  If you have already created a Gallery, all your photos and movies are still there at the same URL.  In addition your Gallery also has a new URL at me.com.  For example, http://gallery.mac.com/emily_parker also exists at http://gallery.me.com/emily_parker so that whether your friends have the old URL or the new one, they can find your photos.

Can I still use my mac.com ID as an Apple ID?

Yes. Your @mac.com ID will still work as an Apple ID for purchases on the iTunes Store, Apple Online Store, and to purchase Apple print products created with iPhoto or Aperture. You may continue to use your @mac.com ID or your new me.com ID as an Apple ID. Both names will access the same account.

Can I continue to use my mac.com ID for iChat?
Your @mac.com ID will still work for iChat. You may also use your @me.com ID for iChat. However, it will be separate from your mac.com iChat ID and will work only as long as your MobileMe subscription is active.

What happened to Learning Center?

Learning Center was originally designed to help you learn how to use .Mac and get the most out of your Mac. As part of this transition from .Mac, MobileMe will include a full set of tutorials at Apple.com and in-depth help content at me.com. You can also visit www.apple.com/findouthow for free tutorials that will teach you Mac basics and give you pointers on how to work with photos, movies, music, and more.

Were any other .Mac features affected?

As part of the transition to MobileMe, some features were discontinued: Web access to bookmarks (bookmark sync between your Macs and PCs is still supported), iCards, .Mac slides, and support for Mac OS X v10.3 Panther sync. Since the MobileMe transition, .Mac Groups and .Mac Homepage have also been discontinued.

Which web browsers work with MobileMe?
Because MobileMe's web applications take advantage of the latest web technologies, you should make sure you use the following browsers:

  • On your Mac: Safari 4, Safari 5, or Firefox 3 (or later). 
  • For your PC: Safari 4, Safari 5, Firefox 3 (or later), Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Note: Internet Explorer 7 is not fully supported. Internet Explorer 7 has known compatibility issues with modern web standards that affect web 2.0 applications, such as MobileMe. You can use Internet Explorer 7, but you will not have access to all MobileMe features and will experience slower performance.

Will my .Mac slides continue to work?
Pictures in the iDisk pictures folder will still appear in Screen Saver in System Preferences, but the .Mac slides publisher is no longer available, and the latest versions of iPhoto and Aperture will no longer support publishing of .Mac slides. If you use an older version of iPhoto or Aperture, you can continue to publish photos to your iDisk for the time being.

I have a .Mac retail box. Can I still use it to activate?
Yes. Just go to www.me.com/activate and enter your code to get started.

What will happen to my old emails stored on .Mac?
You can still access all of your existing email messages with MobileMe Mail. You don't have to do anything. Your contacts that were in .Mac Address Book also will be available on MobileMe Contacts.

I have an Email Only account. How does that work now?
You can check your MobileMe email with your iPhone and iPod touch, and you can also access your email at me.com and on your Mac and Windows PC. However, your Address Book data will not be synced.

Can I purchase additional Email Only accounts?
Email Only accounts have been discontinued. Only existing Email Only accounts may still be renewed. If you would like to share your MobileMe account with other family members, you may purchase a Family Pack upgrade in the Account section of me.com at any time during your subscription.

My .Mac account will renew after July 9, 2008. Will I be charged the new MobileMe price?
Yes. MobileMe individual subscriptions are now just $99 USD.

Which version of Mac OS X do I need to use MobileMe?
On a Mac, MobileMe requires the latest versions of Mac OS X v10.5 or Mac OS X v10.4.11 (Use Software Update to update to the latest versions).

I have Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, can I still use MobileMe?
Most MobileMe features work with Tiger, but you must be running the latest version (currently version 10.4.11) and MobileMe features will still appear as .Mac. Some features, such as Back to My Mac, do require Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. For details about using Mail with MobileMe in Mac OS X v10.4.11, read Setting up MobileMe email on your Mac.

I’m still running Mac OS X v10.3 Panther or older. Can I use MobileMe?
Most MobileMe features will not work on Mac OS X versions older than 10.4 Tiger. This is due to the fact that MobileMe incorporates new technologies and capabilities that came along after these OS versions were created. However, some functions should continue to work, including:

  • Email using Mac OS X Mail
  • Using iDisk in the Finder
  • Publishing from iWeb 1.0

I let my .Mac member expire. Can I get the same name @me.com?
Names for MobileMe are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you were an active .Mac member as of July 9, 2008 then your member name is also yours for @me.com.

How long do I get to keep my @mac.com address?
As long as your account remains active, your @mac.com address will work as it always has. However, if your account is cancelled and you return later, you will only receive an @me.com address.

Will I be able to publish and subscribe to calendars?
Yes. However, they won’t appear online at www.me.com/calendar or on iPhone or iPod touch.

When I choose "Publish to MobileMe" in iCal, will it publish to both ical.mac.com and ical.me.com? 
No. Published calendars will continue to reside at ical.mac.com/membername/Calendarname.

How do I renew a Family Pack master account?
If you are the owner of the Family Pack master account, you can continue to renew your Family Pack subscription in the Account section on me.com. Your account will renew as an Individual account with a Family Pack upgrade.

How do I reclaim my old member name for MobileMe?
Names that have not been used for a certain amount of time may have been recycled. Try logging in with your old member name and password. If that works, you can reactivate your account to reclaim your name. If it doesn’t, try signing up for a new MobileMe account with your former name.  If that doesn't work, that recycled name may have been taken by a new MobileMe member.  You will need to choose a different name for your new MobileMe account.

I have more questions about MobileMe.  Where can I go for help?
See MobileMe Help and MobileMe Support for more information about MobileMe. 

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