Printer drivers included in the Lexmark Printer Driver Update v1.1

The following Lexmark Printer drivers are included in the Lexmark Printer Driver Update v1.1 for Mac OS X 10.5.3 or later.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Lexmark 3300 Series 1.5
Lexmark 350 Series 1.5
Lexmark 4300 Series 1.5
Lexmark 5200 Series 1.5
Lexmark 5400 Series 1.5
Lexmark 6200 Series 1.5
Lexmark 7100 Series 1.5
Lexmark 810 Series 1.5
Lexmark C510 Fax
Lexmark C510
Lexmark C520
Lexmark C522
Lexmark C524
Lexmark C530
Lexmark C532
Lexmark C534
Lexmark C750 Fax
Lexmark C750
Lexmark C760 Fax
Lexmark C760
Lexmark C762 Fax
Lexmark C762
Lexmark C770 Fax
Lexmark C770
Lexmark C772 Fax
Lexmark C772
Lexmark C910 Fax
Lexmark C910
Lexmark C912 Fax
Lexmark C912
Lexmark C920
Lexmark E120n
Lexmark E230
Lexmark E232
Lexmark E234
Lexmark E234n
Lexmark E238
Lexmark E240
Lexmark E240n
Lexmark E250d
Lexmark E250dn
Lexmark E330
Lexmark E332n
Lexmark E340
Lexmark E342n
Lexmark E350d
Lexmark E352dn
Lexmark E450dn
Lexmark P910 Series 1.5
Lexmark T420
Lexmark T430
Lexmark T520 Fax
Lexmark T520
Lexmark T522 Fax
Lexmark T522
Lexmark T620 Fax
Lexmark T620
Lexmark T622 Fax
Lexmark T622
Lexmark T630 Fax
Lexmark T630
Lexmark T632 Fax
Lexmark T632
Lexmark T634 Fax
Lexmark T634
Lexmark T640 Fax
Lexmark T640
Lexmark T642 Fax
Lexmark T642
Lexmark T644 Fax
Lexmark T644
Lexmark W812 Fax
Lexmark W812
Lexmark W820 Fax
Lexmark W820
Lexmark W840
Lexmark X422 Fax
Lexmark X422
Lexmark X642e Fax
Lexmark X642e
Lexmark X644e Fax
Lexmark X644e
Lexmark X646e Fax
Lexmark X646e
Lexmark X850e Fax
Lexmark X850e
Lexmark X852e Fax
Lexmark X852e
Lexmark X854e Fax
Lexmark X854e

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