Keeping the original iPhone within acceptable temperatures

Learn more about the environmental temperatures acceptable for the original iPhone. For iPhone 3G, click here.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

To ensure iPhone maintains a safe temperature, use it in a place where the temperature is always between 0° and 35° C (32° to 95° F).  Low or high-temperature conditions might temporarily shorten battery life or cause iPhone to temporarily stop working properly.

When not in use, store iPhone in a place where the temperature is between -20º and 45º C (-4º to 113º F). Don’t leave iPhone in your car, because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range. 
When you’re using iPhone or charging the battery, it is normal for iPhone to get warm. The exterior of iPhone functions as a cooling surface that transfers heat from inside the unit to the cooler air outside.

iPhone complies with the safety standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment, IEC 60950-1.

This safety standard has been adopted by many countries and is referred to as the following:

  • UL 60950-1 in the United States
  • CSA 60950-01 in Canada
  • EN60950-1 in Europe
  • AS/NZS 60950:1 in Australia and New Zealand.
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