iMac: How to locate the Serial Number

This document explains how to locate the serial number on original tray-load iMac computers. For other iMacs, see document 86320, "Locating your iMac Serial Number".

To find the serial number using software

On most computers with Mac OS X you can find the serial number in the About This Mac window. See technical document 106486, "About This Mac Window Provides Computer Serial Number".

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

To find the serial number located on the computer

These models of iMac are covered in this document:

  • iMac 233 MHz
  • iMac 233 MHz/B
  • iMac 266 MHz
  • iMac 333 MHz

The serial number is on a sticker with a bar code on the inside of the I/O bay, where you plug in the keyboard and other devices.

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