How to uninstall QuickTime on a Windows PC

Learn how to uninstall QuickTime on a Windows-compatible computer. If you have a Mac, there are instructions just for you.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Open the "Add or Remove Programs" control panel.
  3. Locate QuickTime in the list and select it.
  4. Click the Change/Remove button.
    A dialog will appear asking:
    Do you want to completely remove QuickTime for Windows?
  5. Click OK. The Installer will begin removing QuickTime.
  6. You'll see a message when the uninstall is complete.

Important: iTunes requires QuickTime be installed to function correctly. Download and install the latest version of QuickTime or iTunes (which includes QuickTime) if you want to continue using iTunes.

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