Mac OS X 10.5: Fonts list

Fonts included with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard are installed in one of these folders:

  • /Library/Fonts
  • /System/Library/Fonts
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

You can turn a font on or off using Font Book to customize what fonts appear in an application's font menu, or in the Font panel. You don't normally need to worry about which Mac OS X 10.5 fonts you turn off or remove; any font that is required by the system, such as AquaKanaBold.otf, AquaKanaRegular.otf, Keyboard.dfont, LastResort.dfont, and Lucida Grande.dfont, cannot be disabled with Font Book.

However, some fonts that you can turn off (disable) may be required by specific applications. For example, Terminal relies on the Monaco font to function correctly.

The number of fonts installed by the Mac OS X Installer depends on which packages you selected (see the package details below) when you installed Mac OS X 10.5. If you customized your installation, you may not have all of the fonts listed below. If you installed Mac OS X 10.5 over a previous version of Mac OS X, you may have additional fonts installed.

This is a list of all font files that come with Mac OS X 10.5, and their version numbers.

Apple Braille Outline 6 Dot.ttf 1.0d4e1
Apple Braille Outline 8 Dot.ttf 1.0d4e1
Apple Braille Pinpoint 6 Dot.ttf 1.0d4e1
Apple Braille Pinpoint 8 Dot.ttf 1.0d4e1
Apple Braille.ttf 1.0d4e1
Apple Symbols.ttf 6.0d7e4
AppleGothic.ttf 6.0d11e1
AquaKanaBold.otf 1.0.3
AquaKanaRegular.otf 1.0
Courier.dfont 6.0d7e1
Geeza Pro Bold.ttf 6.0d5e5
Geeza Pro.ttf 6.0d5e5
Geneva.dfont 6.0d3e1
HelveLTMM 001.006
Helvetica LT MM 001.006
Helvetica.dfont 6.0d7e1
HelveticaNeue.dfont 6.0d5e1
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W3.otf 8.00
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W6.otf 8.00
Hiragino Mincho ProN W3.otf 8.00
Hiragino Mincho ProN W6.otf 8.00
Keyboard.dfont 6.0d2e3
LastResort.dfont 5.0
LiHei Pro.ttf 6.0d4e1
LucidaGrande.dfont 6.0d10e1
Monaco.dfont 6.0d9e1
STHeiti Light.ttf 6.0d5e1
STHeiti Regular.ttf 6.0d4e1
Symbol.dfont 6.0d2e1
Thonburi.ttf 10.5d5e1
ThonburiBold.ttf 10.5d5e1
Times LT MM 001.006
Times.dfont 6.0d6e5
TimesLTMM 001.006
ZapfDingbats.dfont 6.0d2e1


AmericanTypewriter.dfont 6.0d3e1
Andale Mono.ttf 2.00x
Apple Chancery.dfont 6.0d2e1
Apple LiGothic Medium.dfont 6.0d1e1
Arial Black.ttf 5.00.1x
Arial Bold Italic.ttf 5.00.2x
Arial Bold.ttf 5.01.2x
Arial Italic.ttf 5.00.2x
Arial Narrow Bold Italic.ttf 2.38.1x
Arial Narrow Bold.ttf 2.38.1x
Arial Narrow Italic.ttf 2.38.1x
Arial Narrow.ttf 2.38.1x
Arial Rounded Bold.ttf 1.51x
Arial Unicode.ttf 1.01x
Arial.ttf 5.01.2x
Baskerville.dfont 6.0d2e1
BigCaslon.dfont 6.0d2e1
Brush Script.ttf 1.52x
Chalkboard.ttf 6.0d2e2
ChalkboardBold.ttf 6.0d2e2
Cochin.dfont 6.0d3e1
Comic Sans MS Bold.ttf 5.00x
Comic Sans MS.ttf 5.00x
Copperplate.dfont 6.0d2e1
Courier New Bold Italic.ttf 5.00x
Courier New Bold.ttf 5.00.1x
Courier New Italic.ttf 5.00x
Courier New.ttf 5.00.1x
Didot.dfont 6.0d2e1
Futura.dfont 6.0d3e1
Georgia Bold Italic.ttf 5.00x
Georgia Bold.ttf 5.00x
Georgia Italic.ttf 5.00x
Georgia.ttf 5.00x
GillSans.dfont 6.0d6e1
Hei.dfont 5.0d1e1
Herculanum.dfont 6.0d3e1
Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W3.otf 7.11
Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W6.otf 7.11
Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std W8.otf 7.10
Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN W8.otf 8.00
Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro W4.otf 7.11
Hiragino Maru Gothic ProN W4.otf 8.00
Hiragino Mincho Pro W3.otf 7.11
Hiragino Mincho Pro W6.otf 7.11
Hoefler Text.dfont 6.0d7e1
Impact.ttf 5.00x
Kai.dfont 6.0d1e1
MarkerFelt.dfont 6.0d6e4
Microsoft Sans Serif.ttf 5.00.1x
Optima.dfont 6.0d2e1
Osaka.dfont 4.4
OsakaMono.dfont 3.3.2
Papyrus.dfont 6.0d6e1
Skia.dfont 6.0d2e1
Tahoma Bold.ttf 5.01.1x
Tahoma.ttf 5.01.2x
Times New Roman Bold Italic.ttf 5.00.3x
Times New Roman Bold.ttf 5.01.3x
Times New Roman Italic.ttf 5.00.3x
Times New Roman.ttf 5.01.3x
Trebuchet MS Bold Italic.ttf 5.00x
Trebuchet MS Bold.ttf 5.00x
Trebuchet MS Italic.ttf 5.00x
Trebuchet MS.ttf 5.00x
Verdana Bold Italic.ttf 5.01x
Verdana Bold.ttf 5.01x
Verdana Italic.ttf 5.01x
Verdana.ttf 5.01x
Webdings.ttf 5.00x
Wingdings 2.ttf 1.55x
Wingdings 3.ttf 1.55x
Wingdings.ttf 5.00x
Zapfino.dfont 6.0d2e1


#Gungseouche.dfont 6.0d3e1
#HeadlineA.dfont 6.0d2e1
#PCmyoungjo.dfont 6.0d2e1
#Pilgiche.dfont 6.0d2e1
AlBayan.ttf 6.0d2e1
AlBayanBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
Apple LiSung Light.dfont 6.0d1e2
AppleMyungjo.ttf 6.0d7e1
ArialHB.ttf 6.0d2e1
ArialHBBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
Ayuthaya.ttf 10.5d3e1
Baghdad.ttf 6.0d3e1
BiauKai.dfont 6.0d3e1
CharcoalCY.dfont 6.0d2e2
Corsiva.ttf 6.0d2e1
CorsivaBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
DecoTypeNaskh.ttf 6.0d3e2
DevanagariMT.ttf 6.0d3e1
DevanagariMTBold.ttf 6.0d3e1
EuphemiaCASBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
EuphemiaCASItalic.ttf 6.0d2e1
EuphemiaCASRegular.ttf 6.0d2e1
GenevaCY.dfont 6.0d2e2
GujaratiMT.ttf 6.0d2e1
GujaratiMTBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
Gurmukhi.ttf 6.0d2e1
HelveticaCY.dfont 6.0d2e2
InaiMathi.ttf 6.0d2e4
Kailasa.ttf 6.0d7e1
Kokonor.ttf 6.0d7e1
Krungthep.ttf 10.5d2e1
KufiStandardGK.ttf 6.0d3e1
LiSong Pro.ttf 6.0d4e1
MshtakanBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
MshtakanBoldOblique.ttf 6.0d2e1
MshtakanOblique.ttf 6.0d2e1
MshtakanRegular.ttf 6.0d2e1
Nadeem.ttf 6.0d2e1
NewPeninimMT.ttf 6.0d2e1
NewPeninimMTBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
NewPeninimMTBoldInclined.ttf 6.0d2e1
NewPeninimMTInclined.ttf 6.0d2e1
NISC18030.ttf 6.0d1e1
PlantagenetCherokee.ttf 6.0d2e1
Raanana.ttf 6.0d2e1
RaananaBold.ttf 6.0d2e1
Sathu.ttf 10.5d2e1
Silom.ttf 10.5d2e2
STFangsong.ttf 6.0d4e1
STKaiti.ttf 6.0d4e1
STSong.ttf 6.0d4e1

Some of the fonts included in this list have file names containing non-Roman characters. These fonts will display the following file names when viewed in the Finder:


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