Bluetooth: Pairing Your Computer With a Bluetooth-Enabled Phone

This document discusses pairing your computer with a Bluetooth-Enabled phone.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Before you can connect to the Internet, you need to pair your computer with your Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Make sure your phone is on and in "discoverable" mode. See the documentation that came
with your phone.

    1. Choose Search For Phones from the Bluetooth status menu in the menu bar.
    2. Select your phone in the "Pair with a Bluetooth Device" dialog, then click Pair.
    3. Enter a passkey. Use any combination of numbers. When prompted, enter the same passkey on your phone.

Your computer is now paired with your phone. The name of your phone is listed in the Bluetooth status menu in the menu bar. Apple Bluetooth software remembers the pairing with your phone, so you should only need to pair with your phone once.

You can now use your phone to dial your ISP (Internet service provider) and connect to the Internet. Follow these instructions to set up your computer and connect to the Internet.

Note: To access the Internet, you must have an active mobile phone account capable of digital services and an account with an ISP (fees may apply).

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