Apple TV (1st generation): Guide to ports and connectors

Learn about Apple TV (1st generation) ports and connectors, along with their various functions.

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1: Status light The status light blinks amber when Apple TV (1st generation) starts up. When Apple TV is on, the status light is solid white. Learn more about the status light.
2: IR receiver Use with the included Apple Remote to control Apple TV (1st generation).
3: Power port Use with the included A/C power cable.
4: USB port For service and diagnostics.
5: Analog audio ports Connect Apple TV to a widescreen TV or home theater receiver with analog audio ports (red and white), using an analog audio cable.
6: Optical digital audio port Connect Apple TV (1st generation) to a home theater receiver that has an optical digital audio port, using an optical digital audio (also called S/PDIF or TOSLINK) cable.
7: Component video ports Connect Apple TV to a widescreen TV that has component video (Y, Pb, and Pr) ports, using a component video cable with green, blue, and red connectors.
8: HDMI port Using an HDMI cable, connect Apple TV (1st generation) to a TV or AV receiver that has an HDMI port.
9: Ethernet port If you access your network using Ethernet, connect an Ethernet cable.

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