iPod shuffle (2nd generation): Frequently asked questions

This article lists frequently asked questions (and answers) regarding iPod shuffle (2nd generation).

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This document is for the iPod shuffle (2nd generation) .

If you have the original iPod shuffle click see this article.

If you have the iPod shuffle (3rd generation) click see this article


What are the primary differences between iPod shuffle (2nd generation) and the original iPod shuffle?

Besides the physical changes (color, size, shape, LEDs, connector, and switches), the basic functionality of syncing and playing music is the same for both.

For details on the specifications, see the following links:
 iPod shuffle (2nd generation)

 First generation iPod shuffle

 iPod shuffle (3rd generation) 

Are there additional significant differences?

  • The iPod shuffle (2nd generation) serial number is visible when you open the clip. As with any iPod, if you have difficulty viewing the serial number, you can use iTunes. See this document for information on using iTunes.
  • iPod shuffle (2nd generation) requires an internet connection and iTunes 7.0.2 or later. There is no CD included with this product.
  • iPod shuffle (2nd generation) can play AIFF files and goes into a power saving deep sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Is there a document that helps explain the iPod shuffle (2nd generation) indicator light behavior?

iPod shuffle (2nd generation) includes a tip card in the box with a summary of the indicator light behavior. The iPod shuffle (2nd generation) Features Guide has a more detailed explanation, and you can get it here

The following article comes from page 8 of the Features Guide: iPod shuffle (2nd generation): Understanding status light behavior.

How can I check the battery status on iPod shuffle (2nd generation) when it is turned on?

You can check the battery status without interrupting playback by quickly switching iPod shuffle off and then on again.

When I use the dock to sync music, is there anything special I should know?

Make sure that you insert iPod shuffle (2nd generation) into the dock completely. If you don't, it may not show up in iTunes and you may not see the expected orange LED.

Where can I learn more about other features such as autofill and how to play audiobooks?


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