Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for iPod Click Wheel Games

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Which games are available for iPod?

Game titles are compatible with:

  • iPod nano (3rd generation)
  • iPod nano (4th generation)
  • iPod classic
  • iPod (5th generation)

Where can I find help on games?

Each game title includes built-in help. You can also view instructions in iTunes. To do this, click Applications (or Games if you are using iTunes 7.6.x or earlier) on the left side of the iTunes window and double-click on a game. If the Applications (or Games) playlist is not visible, you may need to turn on the preference to show this playlist in the General tab of iTunes Preferences.

Can I use games in iTunes without an iPod?

No. iPod Click Wheel Games available on iTunes are designed specifically for the iPod nano (3rd generation), iPod classic, and iPod (5th generation). They cannot be played on your computer, nor are they compatible with other iPod models or iPhone.

What are the requirements?

iPod (5th generation):

  • iTunes 7.1 or later
  • 1.2 or later of iPod software installed

iPod nano (3rd generation) or iPod classic:

  • iTunes 7.4 or later

iPod nano (4th generation):

  • iTunes 8.0 or later

The Phase game requires iTunes 7.5 or later.

You can load games on up to five authorized computers.

How do I know what the game is like before I buy it?

There is a preview on the iTunes Store.

Are games localized?

Yes. Game titles are localized in at least English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese. All games default to the language setting on your iPod (if the language is one of the aforementioned). To change the language of games, change the language on iPod.

Can you play music and games on the iPod simultaneously?


Can I use video out to play games on my TV?


Can I use the remote as a controller?

No. All games are designed specifically to be controlled with the Click Wheel.

What is the file size of each game?

The size varies from game to game, ranging from about 10 MB to about 60 MB.

How do I remove game titles from an iPod?

  1. Click the iPod under Devices on the left side of the iTunes window.
  2. Click the Games tab.
  3. Select Sync games.
  4. Click the Selected games button.
  5. Deselect all items.
  6. Choose File > Sync "iPod" to remove the games.

You can also restore your iPod, but restoring your iPod will also remove everything. Note: Built-in games won't appear in the Games tab and cannot be removed.

I'm having trouble using games on my iPod. Where should I start?

See this troubleshooting document.

How can I contact a third-party developer about a game?

For help on game-related issues or for more information about a third-party game, contact:

Namco Networks America Inc. at

PopCap Games at

FreshGames at

EA Mobile Games at

Gameloft at

Aspyr at

Sony BMG at

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. at

Hudson Software Company, Limited at

Sega at

Disney Online Studios at

Square Enix at

D2C Games at

Sandlot Games at

Where are games stored in iTunes?

In the Games folder at the same location as the iTunes Library.

Can I copy a Java application or other game to this folder to load it on iPod?

No, only games from the iTunes Store can be stored in this folder and synced to iPod.


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