Printing Quick Assist

Learn the basics of how to set up your printer with your Mac and print a document. If you've already set up your printer but are having issues when printing, see below for some troubleshooting tips you can try.

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Printing Quick Assist




Set up a printer with your Mac

Often, a printer will come with instructions about how to set it up for your Mac. You can also refer to these resources:

How to print

See Mac OS X v10.6: Mac 101 - Printing.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Make sure that your printer is plugged in and turned on, that it has paper in its tray, and that it's displaying its normal status lights. Try turning your printer off and then on again to see if that helps. If there are alerts displayed on the printer itself, consult your printer's documentation, or the manufacturer for further assistance.
  • Refer to the troubleshooting steps section of Mac OS X v10.6: Mac 101 - Printing.
  • See Troubleshooting printing issues in Mac OS X.
  • Check Software Update for any updates available from Apple.
  • Read more about printing and printers on our Support site.
  • Refer to the printer's manufacturer for additional support.

You can also visit the Discussions forums to seek advice from others:

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