Xsan 2: Spotlight may take an unusually long time to index Xsan volumes

After mounting volumes on Xsan 2 and enabling Spotlight, indexing of the mounted volumes may seem to take an unusually long time. Times involved may be several minutes to a few hours, depending on the volume sizes, amount of data and hardware involved.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

When enabling Spotlight on a volume, either upgraded from Xsan 1.4.2 or newly created using Xsan 2, first ensure that the volume is not mounted. Then in the Xsan Admin Volumes pane, enable Spotlight on a volume and note the controller that is hosting it.

Once the Xsan Admin application has restarted the volume with Spotlight enabled, remount the volume only on the controller hosting it and wait for the volume to be indexed. Indexing new volumes can take hours, or longer depending on how much data you have.
You can determine when indexing has completed by looking in the Spotlight menu. The hour glass will blink, and the drop-down menu will indicate how much time is remaining.  You can also choose to run the command:

mdutil -s /Volumes/YourXsanVolume
...on the hosting controller to see when indexing is enabled on the volume.
After Spotlight indexing is complete, remount the volume on the backup controller and clients.


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