iMovie ’08: Burn your movie to DVD

If you’ve created a movie in iMovie, you can burn a DVD disc so it can be played on another computer or DVD player. This is done by sending your movie to the media browser then burning it in iDVD.

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Follow these steps to burn your movie to a DVD disc:

  1. In iMovie, go to the Share menu and choose Media Browser.

    Note: Sharing your movie to the Media Browser makes it available in other applications such as iDVD and iWeb.

  2. When you choose Media Browser, a window will appear with file size options.  Select the Large option for the highest quality movie to burn in iDVD.

  3. Click Publish to add your movie to the Media Browser.  A progress indicator (a moving bar) appears on the screen.

  4. Open iDVD and click the Create a New Project button.

    Note: If you had previously created an iDVD project, iDVD will open it. Once your old project opens, go to the File menu and choose New to open a new project.

  5. Enter a title and choose a location, then select an aspect ratio (for either standard or widescreen TV).  Click Create.

  6. Once in project mode, click the Media button (1), then click the “Movies” tab (2).

  7. Click the iMovie icon located within the Media Browser.

    Select the movie project you created in iMovie. The Media Browser provides a a list of all the sizes you exported from iMovie, if you exported more than one size.

  8. Drag your movie to the iDVD project window.

  9. Make sure you have added media (photo, movie, or slideshow) to the drop zone(s) before you start the burn process or you will get a warning message. As shown here, drop zones are labeled in the theme window.

  10. When you’ve finished your project in iDVD, click the Burn button:


  11. Insert a recordable DVD disc or click Cancel if you’ve decided not to burn a DVD.

    A progress indicator appears so you can monitor the burn process.

    Note: The amount of time required to process and burn your DVD can vary. The time it takes is related to the complexity and length of your project and the speed of your computer. Be sure to read the “Tips for burning a DVD” section at the end of this document.

  12. When the burn is complete, a message appears asking you whether you want to burn another copy of your slideshow. If you want another copy you must insert another blank DVD disc. Otherwise, click Done. Your DVD is ready to use.



For more information on how to customize your iDVD projects like adding menus and changing themes, go to the iDVD Help files and Apple's online iLife tutorials.

Tips for burning a DVD:

  • Do not use other applications that place heavy demands on the computer while you are encoding and burning a disc.
  • If you’re burning a disc on a portable computer, be sure the computer is plugged into a power outlet.
  • Do not press the Media Eject key while burning is in progress. Doing so may eject the disc and result in incomplete data on your disc.
  • You can burn DVDs and CDs directly from the Finder in Mac OS X. However, using this feature while iDVD is running is not recommended.
  • Moving your computer or using the keyboard while the disc is burning could interrupt the burn process and may result in an incomplete or unplayable disc.
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