About iTunes for Windows background processes

iTunes for Windows installs some processes that run in the background when the software is open. Learn more about what each process does.


What it does


Backs up the data on your iPhone or iPod touch


Listens for commands to help iTunes communicate with devices

AppleMobileDeviceService.exe or AppleMobileDeviceProcess.exe

Allows iTunes to recognize iPhone and iPod touch


Synchronizes iPhone or iPod touch data with your computer


Allows iTunes to sync with iPhone and iPod touch


Allows iTunes to access devices


Listens for commands to help iTunes communicate with devices (such as iPod)


Extracts log reports from the device and submits them to Apple (if selected)


This lets iTunes discover services on the local network (music sharing, Apple TV, AirTunes). It's also known as Bonjour for Windows.


Coordinates the synchronization processes

Process that depends on Sync configuration

What it does


Syncs the device with Internet Explorer


Syncs the device with Outlook


Syncs the device with Safari


Syncs the device with Windows Address Book / Windows Contacts


Syncs with Windows Mail

Depending on your setup, some of these background processes might not appear. iTunes can start other background processes to perform various tasks like syncing and diagnostics. New functions might be added to these background processes in the future. You shouldn't disable these processes even when iTunes isn't open on the computer.

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To make sure that your Windows computer has access to Apple services, learn about using Apple products on enterprise networks and TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products.

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