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Xsan versions included with or required by macOS

Learn which versions of Xsan are compatible with macOS.

Xsan versions included with macOS

Xsan version

macOS version

Xsan 5.0.1

macOS High Sierra or later

Xsan 5

macOS Sierra

Xsan 4.1

OS X El Capitan

Xsan 4

OS X Yosemite

Xsan 3.1

OS X Mavericks

Xsan 3.0

OS X Mountain Lion

Xsan 2.3

OS X Lion

Xsan 2.3 and later are not available as updates for earlier versions of macOS.

The Xsan and macOS versions running on MDCs must always be the same or later versions than those which are running on the Xsan clients. Learn more about compatibility between Xsan MDCs and clients within a SAN.

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