Get help with an item purchased from the App Store, iTunes Store, or iBooks Store

Use to review your purchases, receipts, and report a problem with an item that you bought.


You can use to view your purchases, receipts, and contact Apple Support with any problems with your past purchases. When you open the page, enter the Apple ID and password that you used to buy the item, then choose Sign In.

Subscriptions aren't managed through Learn how to manage your in-app subscriptions.



Find a purchase

If you're looking for a specific purchase, tap or click the Search Purchases field and enter the name of the purchase. To browse purchases, tap  , then choose Purchases, or, if you're using a Mac or PC, click Purchases.


View a receipt

If you don't recognize the amount charged to your bank, credit or debit card, multiple purchases might be grouped into a single transaction. You might not receive a separate email receipt for each. 

To find your receipts, tap  then choose Receipts to see a list of your receipts. If you're on a Mac or PC, click Receipts. A receipt might not be available if you made the purchase recently.

Report a problem

You can report a problem with any purchase that you've made in the last 90 days. Find the purchase that you need help with, then click Report a Problem and follow the onscreen steps. You might need to send us more information, contact the app developer, or download the item again.  

If the purchases that you're trying to get help with don't appear in Report a Problem, or you aren't sure which Apple ID these charges were made with, check to make sure your email address has an Apple ID associated with it, then contact Apple Support.

If you use Family Sharing and need help with a shared item, ask the family member who initiated the purchase to complete these steps.

Learn how to get help with subscriptions and apps that unexpectedly quit, stop responding, or won't open.

Get help with other iTunes purchases

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