Use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote with Box

Collaborate with others in real time on Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files stored in Box. You can also preview, edit, and create new documents online at

Here's what you need

Collaborate on files using Box with these Apple devices and software versions:

To collaborate on Pages, Numbers, or Keynote files online at, you'll need Safari 11.1.2 or later or Google Chrome for your Mac, or Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for your PC.

Get started

  1. Visit to sign up for a personal1 Box account. Already have one? If so, go to the next step.

  2. If you have a personal account, sign in, then click or tap your initials in the top-right corner of the browser. Select Account Settings, then choose Integrations.

    For enterprise accounts, Box Enterprise Admins can access Integrations settings in the Admin Console > Settings > Apps.

  3. To turn on collaboration, select the checkbox under iWork Collaboration.

  4. To preview Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files online in Box, select the checkbox under iWork Previews.

Collaborate on a Pages, Numbers or Keynote file

Once you set up Box and turn on iWork collaboration, you can automatically edit with others in real time on any Pages, Numbers, or Keynote file that's already stored in Box.

  1. To start collaborating on a new file, move or save your file in Box:

    • On Mac, drag your file to the Box folder in the Finder sidebar. If Box isn't in the Finder sidebar, open the Box app from the Applications folder.

    • On iPhone or iPad, move or copy your file into Box in the document, spreadsheet, or presentation manager in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote or use the Files app.2

    • Online in your Box account, sign into your account, then drag the file to the All Files screen. Or click Upload, choose File, then choose the Pages, Numbers, or Keynote file.

  2. To invite others, open your file from the Box folder, click or tap the Share button, then invite people:

    • On Mac, click Collaborate on Box, click Continue if necessary, sign into Box, select the document in, then click Share to invite participants.

    • On iPhone or iPad, tap Invite People on Box, then invite participants.

    • Online in your Box account, select the file in, then click Share to invite participants.

  3. After you've started collaborating, click or tap the Collaboration buttonNo alt supplied for Image to see what participants are doing and manage the file:

    • You can see edits made by others in real time and what they’ve done recently under Latest Activity.

    • To change permissions for your document, click or tap Manage Shared File on Box. A list of participants opens in your browser online at Click or tap in the Permissions column for the participants whose status you want to change.

Edit when you’re offline

If you're not connected to the internet, you can still edit a shared file. Edits that you make offline are saved for at least 30 days and are uploaded to Box automatically when you go back online. Other participants will see your changes after your changes upload. You can check the sync status of your file from the document, spreadsheet, or presentation manager on iPhone or iPad, or by choosing View > Show Sync Status on a Mac.

Preview, edit, and create Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files online in Box

You can preview, edit, and create Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files within a browser when you're signed in to your Box account.3

From the Files and Folders screen online in Box:

  • Select the file to preview it.

  • To edit a file, select the file, select Open in the toolbar, then choose Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on the Web.

  • To create a new Pages, Numbers, or Keynote file, click New. Then choose a Pages document, Numbers spreadsheet, or Keynote presentation.

When working with collaborative Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files online in Box, you can't see updates about participant activity. These updates can only be viewed by participants using Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Terms and privacy

While using iWork collaboration or viewing an iWork preview or file on the web, your files will be temporarily stored on secure Apple servers.

Your use of the iWork preview, editing, and collaboration features on the web is subject to Apple's iWork on the Web Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you have a personal Box account, you can turn off Box collaboration and previews on the Integrations tab of your Account Settings. If you have a Box enterprise account, please contact your organization.

Learn more

1. To use iWork collaboration with a Box enterprise account, your organization must turn on iWork collaboration.

2. Make sure that you've added Box to your Locations on your iPhone or iPad. Once you've added Box, you can move and copy documents into Box with the document manager and the Files app.

3. You can open a document of up to 1 GB on If your document is larger than 1 GB, use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on iPhone, iPad, or Mac to reduce its size before trying to open it on

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