macOS High Sierra

Subscribe to albums shared by other iCloud users

If you use iCloud, other iCloud users can invite you to subscribe to their shared albums. After you subscribe, you can view, comment, download items in the shared album—and even post new photos and video clips to the album (if the owner of the album allows it). You can unsubscribe from a shared photo album at any time.

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Subscribe to a shared album

When you receive an invitation to a shared album, the new album appears in the Shared pane of Photos with an invitation icon.

  • Click Activity under Shared in the sidebar to see the invitation, then click Accept.

    If you don’t want to subscribe to the shared album, click Decline.

Unsubscribe from a shared album

To unsubscribe from a shared album, delete it.

WARNING: When you unsubscribe from a shared album, you immediately delete the photos and video clips in the shared album from all your devices.

  • Select the shared album you want to unsubscribe from under Shared in the sidebar, then press Command-Delete.

Comment on or like a photo in a shared album

  1. Click a shared album under Shared in the sidebar.

  2. Double-click a photo, then click Create button in the lower-left corner of the photo.

  3. In the pane that appears, do any of the following:

    Window showing the like and comment options for a shared photo.
    • Like a photo or video: Click Like.

    • Add a comment to a photo or video: Click Add a Comment, then type your comment.

  4. Click Send.

When you like or comment on an item, iCloud Photo Sharing sends a notification to the photo album’s creator and all subscribers. To delete comments you added to an item, place the pointer over the comment and click the Delete button.

Save items from shared albums to your Photos library

You can import items from a shared album into your Photos library, then make edits, share the updated items, and add them to your albums and projects.

  1. Click a shared album under Shared in the sidebar.

  2. Select the photos or video clips you want, then Control-click a selected photo and choose Import.

    The imported items appear in the Last Import album.

  3. Click Albums in the sidebar, then double-click the Last Import album to open it.

  4. Select the imported items, then click Create button in the toolbar and choose the album or project to which you want to add the items.