macOS High Sierra

Read books

Get books from the iBooks Store and start reading.

Open iBooks for me

Options in an open book.

Get books purchased on other devices

If you purchased books from the iBooks Store on other devices, you can see those books on your Mac.

For information about how to get more books from the iBooks Store, see Shop the iBooks Store.

Open a book and navigate its pages

  1. Double-click the book in your library.

    Note: If your book has an iCloud status icon in the top right corner, double-click the book to download it from iCloud.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • Go to the next or previous page: Move the pointer to the right or left edge of the book, then click the arrow that appears.

      You can also swipe right or left across a trackpad or Magic Mouse, use the Touch Bar, or use the arrows on the keyboard. For more information about gestures, see Trackpad and mouse gestures.

    • See the table of contents: Move the pointer to the top of the book, then click the Table of Contents button. Depending on the type of book, you may see or .

    • See non-sequential pages you viewed previously: Click the “Back to page” link at the bottom-left corner of the page (or use the Touch Bar). This is useful if you’re viewing search results or different sections in the book’s table of contents.

      If you navigate several pages from your original page, click the “Go to page” link in the bottom-right corner to return to the page you started on.

    • Have a book read to you: If your book includes the Read Aloud feature, you’ll see a Speaker button in the toolbar at the top of the book (or in the Touch Bar). To read the book aloud, click the Speaker button, then click Start Reading. (You can also change the Read Aloud volume and Turn Pages preferences.)

      If the book doesn’t include the Read Aloud feature, you can have your Mac speak the text; go to the page you want, then choose Edit > Speech > Start Speaking. For information, see Hear your Mac read documents.

Save your place with bookmarks

  • Bookmark a page: Move the pointer to the top of the book, then click the Bookmark button (or use the Touch Bar).

    If the current page is bookmarked, the Bookmark button is red.

  • See your bookmarks: Click the arrow next to the Bookmark button.

  • Delete a bookmark: Click the arrow next to the Bookmark button, move the pointer over the bookmark, then click Delete .

See books purchased by other family members

If you have Family Sharing set up, you can download books purchased by other family members.

  1. Click iBooks Store (or choose Store > Store Home), then click Purchased below Quick Links on the right.

  2. Click your name next to Purchased, then choose another family member.

  3. Click the iCloud status icon on a book you want to add to your library, then enter your Apple ID and password.

Any books that are hidden don’t appear and can’t be downloaded. For more information, see Share purchases with your family.