Use Custom Email Domain with iCloud Mail

When you subscribe to iCloud+, you can use a custom domain name that you already own to personalise your iCloud email address, or you can purchase a new domain.

If you subscribe to iCloud+, you can use a custom domain that you already own to send and receive emails from a personalised email address with iCloud Mail.

  • You can use up to five custom domains, with up to three personalised email addresses per domain. 
  • You can use your personalised email address in the Mail app on any device signed in with your Apple ID and with iCloud Mail turned on, and on
  • You can also use your personalised email address for Messages, FaceTime, Calendar, to sign in to your device and more.
  • If you don't have any existing email addresses in use with your custom domain, you can create new personalised email addresses after setting up your domain with iCloud Mail.
  • If you share iCloud+ with your Family Sharing group, you can share your custom domain with your Family sharing group and allow them to create personalised addresses. In iOS 16 or later, you can also share your custom domain with people outside your Family and allow them to create personalised addresses.*
  • You can share your domain with up to five other people. If you add someone who’s not part of your Family Sharing group, they need to accept the invitation before they’re added to the domain.

If you don't already own a custom domain, find out how you can purchase an email domain to use with iCloud Mail

* If you use a device with iOS 15 or earlier, you may not see all of the personalised email addresses that you've set up on a device with iOS 16 or later. 

Add a custom email domain

To use a custom domain with iCloud Mail, you need:

To add a personalised email address for a custom domain that you use with iCloud Mail:

  • That email address can't be used as the email address for a different Apple ID. 
  • If you want to add a personalised email address that is used for a different Apple ID, you need to change that Apple ID email address.
  • If you delete that Apple ID, you still won't be able to add your personalised email address.

Find out how to add a custom domain for iCloud Mail on

Remove a custom email domain

If you no longer want to use a custom domain that you set up for iCloud Mail, you can remove it.

Find out how to stop using a custom domain on

After you remove it, you and members of your Family Sharing group can't send or receive email from any addresses at that domain in iCloud Mail.

Custom Email Domain doesn't support Managed Apple IDs.

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